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Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment

Get a free, custom summary of your network’s performance, productivity, & security with a Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment for FortiGate firewalls, SD-WAN, or FortiMail.

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Why Try CTAP?

Secure network architectures need to constantly evolve to keep up wiht the latest advanced persistent threats. Thera are two ways to find out if your solution is keeping up—wait for a breach or run validation tests.

A Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment allows you tp test your defenses before squaring off with the bad guys.

Get a Better Understanding of Your Network

Security Risk –Which application vulnerabilities are being used to attack your networks? Which botnets were probing your security? What kinds of phishing attacks are infiltrating your inbox? Find “at risk” devices, security blind spots, & put the specter of ransomware to bed.

Productivity – Are your users taking advantage of peer-to-peer sharing, social media, instant messaging, or other time-wasting apps? Application visibility & control reporting shows exactly which unproductive gremlins are sapping your productivity.

Utilization and Performance – Instantly understand your throughput, session, & bandwidth usage requirements during peak hours so that you can better allocate network resources. Find your top email senders, big time bandwidth leaks, and more.

Try SD-WAN on for Size

CTAP for SD-WAN provides a custom report detailing how external applications behave on your network, what visibility (if any) exists for utilization data, and exactly how much you can save by replacing outdated MPLS. This threat assessment for SD-WAN is especially important for any company with digital transformation on the brain!